There are no English translations of the publications yet. If you would like to see Russian language publications, here they are.

Digital Money
(A. Demidov)

Digital Money "Mondex"
(D. Salnikov)

Digital Payments Via World Wide Web
(D. Salnikov)

EMV'96 - Evolutionary Revolution
(V. Torkhov)

Digital Documents
(A. Lebedev)

Digital Money
(A. Lebedev)

SET Is Coming

"Digital Money", Central Banks and "Big" Politics

Visa's View On E-Money

Banking Revolution

"Digital Money": Facts, Assertions, Speculations

Information Safety Guarantee
(A.I. Efimov, S.V. Vikhorev)

Russia's Information Complex: Government Policy Priorities
(A.I. Efimov, S.V. Vikhorev)

(Vrije Universiteit)

Licensing and Certification of Information Protection Means
(A.I. Efimov)

Basics Of the US Computer Legislation
(Gary S. Morris)

The USA National Security Agency: Coordination and Technical Functions
(B. Anin)

The Internet: Security Ideology

No Information Can Be Classified for Government Controlling Agencies

Information Protection in the Government Information-Telecommunication Systems
(V.I. Markomenko)

"Digital Wallets" In Europe

Microprocessor Cards - Not a Panacea
(S.A. Vinokur)

Security = Law + Trust
(D.M. Salnikov)

Fraud in Debit Cards

E-Money Of DigiCash

Information on the Work of the ISO's subcommittee "Identification cards and relevant mechanisms" (PC17)
(Petr Leontiev)

SET Is Once Again Ready to Become a Payment Standard
(Jim Kerstetter)

Increasing Efficiency of Banking Non-Cash Digital Payments
(Oleg Averbukh)

Main Types Of Internet Payment Systems
(Alex Demidov)

Commerce in the Internet
(Alex Demidov)

Money for the Virtual World
(Alex Demidov)